Long ago, when I was a lowly little actress for the great and powerful Richard Maxwell, I got labeled by our dear leader a “starf*cker.” Every time a celebrity would come see the show, I would get so excited and want to chat with them. What’s so wrong with that?

What he didn’t realize then, was that I didn’t want to f**k stars, I actually just like the attention. I like the story. I like my name connected with their names.

I luuuurve seeing my name in print.

So, along with the links to reviews of our wonder-baby, I’m also including links to listings. For posterity’s sake, naturally.

Cast: Rolls Andre, Becca Blackwell, Eleanor Hutchins, Robert Johanson, Tavish Miller, Gavin Price, Tanya Selvaratnam, Amanda Villalobos, Sarah Willis Band: Ellery Royston & Johnny Gasper Stage Management/Dramaturgy by Eryk Aughenbaugh & Tavish Miller Dramaturgy by Jody McAuliffe Sound Designer by Ellery Royston Set/Costumes by Suzanne Bocanegra Produced by Meredith Boggia

New York Theater Review Review

“Be it Dixieland, rock, or anthems lush with harmonies, Ashley Turba’s vibrant score surprises and delights at every turn. When you add David Neumann’s cheeky choreography to the mix, the result is pure joy. The charming band even treats us to a full overture at the show’s start, nostalgic for the days when that was normal exposition.”

Time Out New York Review

“…Ashley Turba’s excellent songs ring…”

Exeunt Magazine Review

“Ashley Turba’s gaily downbeat songs … punctuate the action”

Theater is Easy Review

“the emotions evoked by such numbers as “Person-to-Person” and “Letting Go” are very real”

“Original music and a committed cast make this heady intellectual material an entertaining Brechtian experience.”

“Even its comedic aspects and musical numbers don’t hide the fact that this is theatre for those who don’t want to relax. You will laugh, you will shrug, and then you will want to go to grad school.”

New York Times Review

The New Yorker Preview

Culturebot Review

Broadway World listing

Theatre Mania listing 

New Dramatists listing

Minnesota Council on Foundations listing

Works by Women listing

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